Appropriately Defaced JetBlue Logo

Given the ongoing meltdown at airline JetBlue — with people trapped in airplanes, terminals, and generally adrift in the system after a complete system meltdown — the following defaced logo emailed to me tonight seems awfully appropriate:

defaced jetblue logo


  1. It’s funny how companies spend huge sums on brand consultants in order to build a positive and trusting image of their company, which takes time to sink into peoples minds, only to screw it up with their deeds and thereby ruin the brands in hours (11hrs in this case).
    Lesson – the delivery and service elements of the business have to support the brand; the brand cannot live a lie for long.

  2. Call them JetBlues.

  3. R. A Ruggiero says:

    We were going on a cruise for our 50th aniv. on the 16th of Feb.,2007 with our entire family, got to JFK at 6pm for a jet Blue flite at 9:25PM got standed there till 4AM before they cancelled our flite and lost 15 pieces of our luggage for 5 days thus depriving us of our cruise on RCL ship sailed without us, lost about 10 thousand dollars . Was able to salvage 3 days by paying another 3.5K on American Air Line to St thomas . All our kids were hurt on my wife suffers from 2 types of cancer and is legally blind.