Update: Tech IPO Boomlet in 2007

Some interesting data on the state of the tech IPO market today, versus a year ago:

  01/2006 01/2007
# tech IPOs registered
$ value

[Dealogic via Reuters]


  1. question: is that new IPO filings in each of those quarters? Or, total IPOs on file (including previous quarters’ filings that haven’t gotten public yet)? Thanks,

  2. That is interesting indeed. Many people forget about the direct link between the IPO market and the VC market.
    When there is little or no IPO market, one of the key exits for VCs is gone. Without the ability to exit, companies in the portfollio need to be feed with more more, and attention. Which directly impacts that VCs ability to do “new deals”.
    When the IPO markets boom, VCs can exit from portfollio companies for big ROI. Which in turn leads to better IRR on their funds, which in turn allows them to raise more money and allows them to focus on new deals.
    Good news indeed!!!
    Sean Wise