The Geek/Media Fixation with Steve Jobs

While I’m very interested in how Apple is planning to mess with the mobile phone market, I find the whole geek/media personality fixation with Steve Jobs’ speech today at MacWorld irritating. I thought I’d run a quick Google Trends to see where searches on the subject are coming from:

Just as I thought: It’s disproportionately a New York, San Francisco, and L.A. thing. In other words, it’s largely media and entertainment sorts fixating about their toys.

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  1. Sam Penrose says:

    Given the effect of the iPod on the music business:
    If you were a media type, wouldn’t you be a bit fixated on the Apple TV as a business issue?
    If you were in the software or telecom business, wouldn’t you be a bit curious about Apple’s attempt to revolutionize the “smartphone?”
    Apple fanboys can certainly be silly, but dismissing the potential for large shifts in billion-dollar markets as “fixating about toys” is throwing out the analytical baby with the bathwater IMHO.

  2. Andi says:

    Yes, it’s strictly a high-end early adopter market. NOK is getting nipped from both ends, I’m waiting for that ADR to bottom, they’ll cell the masses. And don’t forget the Bird.

  3. agent00yak says:

    Searching “macworld” leaves a smoother curve and shows it to be more of a California thing.
    1. San Francisco, CA, USA
    2. Santa Clara, CA, USA
    3. Pleasanton, CA, USA
    4. San Jose, CA, USA
    5. Cambridge, MA, USA

  4. C. Maoxian says:

    Interesting that two Chinese cities made the top ten list. The iPhone will be assembled in China of course. ;-)