The Geek/Media Fixation with Steve Jobs

While I’m very interested in how Apple is planning to mess with the mobile phone market, I find the whole geek/media personality fixation with Steve Jobs’ speech today at MacWorld irritating. I thought I’d run a quick Google Trends to see where searches on the subject are coming from:

Just as I thought: It’s disproportionately a New York, San Francisco, and L.A. thing. In other words, it’s largely media and entertainment sorts fixating about their toys.


  1. Sam Penrose says:

    Given the effect of the iPod on the music business:
    If you were a media type, wouldn’t you be a bit fixated on the Apple TV as a business issue?
    If you were in the software or telecom business, wouldn’t you be a bit curious about Apple’s attempt to revolutionize the “smartphone?”
    Apple fanboys can certainly be silly, but dismissing the potential for large shifts in billion-dollar markets as “fixating about toys” is throwing out the analytical baby with the bathwater IMHO.

  2. Yes, it’s strictly a high-end early adopter market. NOK is getting nipped from both ends, I’m waiting for that ADR to bottom, they’ll cell the masses. And don’t forget the Bird.

  3. agent00yak says:

    Searching “macworld” leaves a smoother curve and shows it to be more of a California thing.
    1. San Francisco, CA, USA
    2. Santa Clara, CA, USA
    3. Pleasanton, CA, USA
    4. San Jose, CA, USA
    5. Cambridge, MA, USA

  4. Interesting that two Chinese cities made the top ten list. The iPhone will be assembled in China of course. đŸ˜‰