The Colbert/O’Reilly Surrealism Thing

This back-to-back interviewing on Thursday night of Stephen Colbert (who plays a kinda Bill O’Reilly) by Bill O’Reilly on his show, followed by Bill O’Reilly (who is really Bill O’Reilly) being interviewed by Stephen Colbert on his show, is truly an Escher-ian moment in navel-gazing, post-modern media surrealism.

I know I shouldn’t watch, but I’m going to anyway. Quote of the day on the affair goes to the otherwise irritating Bill O:

“I think he’s going to stay in the role, in full Colbert regalia. It’ll be a Borat situation.”

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  1. Surrealism says:

    Yeah, Bill is rather annoying sometimes… but it sounds like he fit well into this whole mess.