Sneak Peek at Weekend Reading

Here is a sneak peek at just a few of the links in my weekly Weekend Reading column over at today:


  1. Would you please be able to tell me how one can not get an RSS feed to your weekly Weekend Reading post on, I’ve gone to the site, to your weekly article and I can’t seem to locate the RSS link anywhere?

  2. This is a great read – I would argue Gladwell over makes his point, but it is well stated.
    Now I want a Part II that explores the “conflicts of interest” in the financial services community – Banking and Research as a starting point. Further to this point, how the barriers to entry to get into the current “capital markets” business have also contributed to making community that let’s these types of scandals take place.
    His point is correct – it is the fault of investors. The uneducated individual investor has about as much “right” to be investing there life savings in companies like Enron as they do taking their savings to play in the World Poker Championships, when they know nothing about playing poker.

  3. Sorry for the lack of context in the last comment – I was referring to the Gladwell article in the New Yorker.
    [Update] Apparently Gladwell does have thoughts on my previous comment… and even goes further.

  4. Estelle,
    Ponyfish is a nice service that allows you to create RSS feeds for RSS-less sites (in the same space, I found Feed43, WotzWot, FeedFire, and FeedYes). It took 2 minutes to create a feed that tracks Paul’s articles on TheStreet: