Newsflash: Markets Work, Even in Oil

Gosh, higher prices do change people’s behavior:

Mild winter weather has something to do with it. So does heavy selling by financial funds. But a largely overlooked factor in the recent plunge in oil prices may portend an end to the multiyear rise in crude: For the first time in years, the developed world is burning less of it.

Fresh data from the International Energy Agency show oil consumption in the 30 member countries of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development fell 0.6% in 2006. Though the decline appears small, it marks the first annual drop in more than 20 years among the OECD countries, which drain close to 60% of the 84.4 million barrels of oil used globally each day.

[IEA via WSJ]


  1. Are you SURE it wasn’t the OIL BUBBLE popping just now? A decline of 25% in under 3 months?
    Somehow this commodity gets a pass from all the bubble talk?