Me on CNBC

Forgot to mention to folks that I was on CNBC late Friday afternoon for a fairly raucous discussion of U.S. technology companies’ China policies. (Darn Sergey Brin brought it on for saying that Google had lost some face for its China decision.)

Anyway, the subject became the usual one, about whether you effect change more by engagement or disengagement. I argued stubbornly for the former, while my breath-holding opponent argued for disengagement.


  1. Saw the interview from Singapore Paul. Thought it was interesting the interviewer was pretty much in total agreement with your comments and approach. When you actually do business in China with internet and mobile players as I do you see the changes occuring in people lives through the mediums which at the end of the day are pretty much impossible to sensor all information across. Great job keep it up.

  2. Thanks Grant. I appreciate the local view.