Longest Run in Recent Stock Market History

Here’s a quiz question for you number jockeys out there: What’s the longest run in recent stock market history? In other words, what’s the longest period of up (down) days without a break for any individual stock? 

(I got to thinking about the preceding when I saw (via Ticker Sense) that Dell and Applied Materials have now been down for eight days in a row, and Yahoo will have ended a six-down-day decline with today’s advance.)

So, How long is a really long run? Inquiring quant minds want to know. First person with the answer gets fame and glory, or at least as much of that as you get from appearing on a blog like this one.

(Of course, there is survivorship bias here. There have surely been stocks that have gone straight down for ages, and then went bust, and those won’t be in the trading records of current stocks. Then again, even the most doom-bound stocks always have up days before succuming to financial gravity, so even they may not be record-holders.)

Finally, for those of you really interested in such things, there are lots of papers applying runs tests to stocks, stock markets, ETFs, and so on. It is a common test of market efficiency.


  1. Out of curiosity, I looked at historical prices on the NASDAQ for all 3134 symbols that existed today.
    Longest up streak: IIIN, 18 days, starting 02/08/2006
    Longest down streak: JRCC, 17 days, starting 04/06/2005