iPhone: The Stock Market Day After

One of the more interesting things to watch when the market moves a number of stocks over a perceived bit of big news — like yesterday’s announcement of the Apple iPhone — is what the market does the next day. Here is what is happening today among Apple’s mobile competitors, with the market apparently deciding that this isn’t such bad news for RIMM and Palm — or at least that they were oversold yesterday — and that things are still icky for Motorola and Nokia.

I would go along with the RIMM conclusion — iPhone is not a business email device, and the company’s Pearl is mostly aimed at a different audience — but I am more concerned about the impact for Palm. At the very least, it could free that side of the smartphone market somewhat, slowing Palm sales into the middle of the year.


  1. PALM, MOTO, NOK vulnerable…RIMM less so, but iPhone has dented their prosumer efforts as well as cut them off from potential Mac users. The iPhone will be tightly integrated.

  2. The iPhone may end up raising all boats. Eventually, the demand for 3G networks will benefit consumers and the cellular companies. It’s a win win for consumers.