Google is Running Penny Stock Promotions

Why is Google pushing penny stocks via Adsense? Granted, Google can’t look at every ad on the Adsense network, but ads that flagrantly promote pump-and-dumpy penny stocks like ActiveCore (OTC:ATVE) — a grotesquely promotional ad for which I see is currently running on my site — must be a violation of some Google advertising policy or another.And even if they’re not, I don’t want them.


  1. It gets better. While I’m reading this post it’s displaying a different penny-stock ad for a domain containing “”.
    Does this mean that we are the ideal group for penny stocks? Eek!

  2. Shows just how profitable the pump and dump penny stock biz really is.

  3. I’ve always known your true intentions behind this site Paul. It turned into more than an inkling the day I saw you crying when the VSE closed doors.

  4. I’m glad that ad was there. I saw it and picked up OTC:ATVE shares at 2.4 cents that are worth over 3.5 in 2 days! Gotta love advertising!