GMOOT, Viral Marketing, and Why Everything Sucks

Funny piece in AdAge about why so many ad agencies (driven by their clients) have raced to do viral marketing campaigns, almost all of which suck. As the piece points out, most everything sucks, of course, so it should be no surprise that most viral campaigns do too, but the difference, he argues, is that the preponderance of viral campaigns “really, really suck”.

So, why? Because of the GMOOT problem:

[Most viral marketing campaigns] are not the end result of an actual idea or strategy but are born of a desperate desire to do something, anything, in the new-media space.

Yes, it’s the dreaded “GMOOT” syndrome, short for “Get me one of those,” the basic command from CEOs to CMOs or CMOs to their agencies. It sounds oversimplistic, but if you get a few drinks into a marketing exec, he’ll admit that at some point he’s been directed to do something because his boss read about it in Ad Age or saw that a rival company was doing it or was told by his neighbor during the commute in from Greenwich that he had to get in the game.

As a related aside, if you are really in the mood to see some bad viral marketing, check out Folgers’


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