Text of Cisco Suit Shows Apple Skulduggery

The full text of Cisco’s iPhone suit against Apple is here. The following is a fascinating excerpt showing the kinds of entertaining Spy vs. Spy skulduggery to which Apple resorted in trying to obtain usage of Cisco’s iPhone trademark (after Cisco made it clear it wouldn’t cede the mark):

cisco iphone lawsuit excerpt


  1. interesting. i wonder if the same people who say DRM is unworkable therefore i can download any artist’s work i want, will take apple to the woodshed regarding their attempt to “appropriate” the iphone trademark? just asking.

  2. Well done. Nice dig.

  3. This is very interesting and invokes deja-vu (sorry, no accents on this English keyboard).
    In his recent autobiography, Wozniak says that the name Apple was chosen for their ‘invention’ after Jobs returned from a trip to an ‘apple orchard’ in Oregon and when Woz raised potential issues with the Beatles’ Apple Records, Jobs suggested it should not be a problem since “it probably was a totally different business” (Chapter 12, Pg 173/ 174, First Edition).
    However, a more pertinent story – to the line taken about internet telephony versus a device for cellular telephony – would be about Sony’s entry into the USA, narrated by Kenichi Ohmae in ‘Made in Japan’ (no reference here, I lost the paperback long ago in my country transits).
    Sony found a chocolate or something branded ‘Sony’ selling in the US and took that company to court; the case turned, when Sony was able to demonstrate, to satisfy the Judge, that the roots of the name of their sound-focused business were in Latin ‘sonus’ for sound.
    I find it interesting that Cisco says they will negotiate. Is there something we are still missing here?

  4. So Apple registered under a pseudonym. Uhmm…Isnt’ that standard?