Everything I Know About Business I Learned from Colonel Flagg

Everything I know about business I learned from M*A*S*H’s Colonel Flagg:

“I’ve trained myself not to laugh or smile. I watched a hundred hours of the Three Stooges; every time I felt like smiling or laughing, I jabbed myself in the stomach with a cattle prod.”

“You think you’re real smart. But you’re not smart; you’re dumb. Very dumb. But you’ve met your match in me.”

“Nobody can get the truth out of me because even I don’t know what it is. I keep myself in a constant state of utter confusion.”

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  1. Of all the things I feel compelled to comment on that come from your site…it’s Flagg.
    I will still stop dead in my tracks and put my family through an entire episode if I happen to spot him.
    He’s Maxwell Smart, Jack Tripper, and Jim Phelps wrapped up into one awesomely disfunctional intelligence officer.

  2. Dick Costolo says:

    for real business success tips, you gotta love this Flagg exchange:
    Flagg: I know every move you make, everything there is to know about you, so watch your step, Hunnicut!
    Hawkeye: I’m Pierce.
    Flagg: Fine, you want to call yourself Pierce, I can play that game too.

  3. jim kirk says:

    The other classic Flagg exchange while he is trying to call in an air strike.
    Hawkeye: “why don’t you just nuke Korea.”
    Flagg: “don’t try to make friends with me.”

  4. Russ says:

    This describe how most admin feel working for the VCs:
    (To Radar:) “Shut up, you, or I’ll use you to clean a cannon!”