Ebay Results: A Little Better

Ebay’s results are out, and they’re a little better than I expected, with earnings slightly above consensus, if you grant ’em non-GAAP accounting, and what looked like, to me anyway, in-line guidance. Stock is up 10% in afterhours, which is, to use a technical term, whopping big.

Let’s go to the call and see wha’pens wrt guidance, etc. Those numbers looked in-line to me, but we’ll see more shortly.


  1. Phew, finally, a bit of good news. eBay is a big part of my portfolio. I bought the stock a while back, and then they hit me with a whack when they bought Skype – in my opinion, entirely useless deal.
    I am keeping my fingers crossed that they’d do reasonably in their core businesses, and this last round of results seem to indicate that it may be the case!