CES in Las Vegas

I’m briefly in out of the big CES electronics conference in Las Vegas next week. I think this will be one of the least compelling shows in some time, with more hyperbole and less content than usual — if that’s possible.

At a more meta level, it is interesting that people are still finding hotel rooms, even at the last minute like Staci here. That’s unusual.


  1. afesasdfew says:

    I’ve never found CES compelling. It’s just a big advertisement of things that aren’t particularly useful. You’ll see the TV that is 3″ bigger than the old biggest one. You’ll see the camera what has .5 more megapixels than the last champion. You’ll see mp3 players with 5 more GBs than the last one. It’s ridiculous. Very few products shown there seem geared to making my life more productive or better.

  2. Is it not just any other “big” event? The main attraction is the people gathering around the event, not the event itself? Just for that, going to CES for me is worth it…

  3. Speaking as a CE Industry wonk, I lost interest in CES years ago. It’s just a big goofy three ring circus full of hyped up science projects and outrageous spin.
    Since it’s of zero real relevance to our firm and what we do, we just don’t go anymore. If something really, really cool is debuted, I’ll read about it in one of the newsletters I get in my email.

  4. Zipping through the VC channel on my feedblitz email, saw the blurb.
    I almost agree with what everyone is saying. 3″ TV’s, vaporware, slightly smaller phones, another wannabe competitor to the iPod that won’t get any traction. Boooooring.
    This year for me should be different. I sit on the advisory board of Neosonik, and we are showing something that will turn the industry on its head. All digital wireless 7.2 surround with wireless HDTV. And it’s real, NOT vaporware. Come by our suites 30-229 & 30-231 at the Venetian, I’ll give you the demo.