CES: Exer-gaming and Electric~Spin

I had a nice visit with the folks at Electric~Spin here at CES in Las Vegas yesterday. They have a nifty golf simulator, which is fun in itself.

What was particularly interesting, however, is that they showed off a very cool new product via which you can play live golf via your gaming system and their product while watching a professional tournament. You can, in other words, insert yourself into live television, in effect, and play along at the Master’s or U.S. Open.

It was very cool, even if I hooked my first shot badly. As I have written here before, I love the idea of exer-gaming — and it’s finally really begun to take off with the Wii — and am particularly intrigued by the idea of parallel play. For example, at-home cyclists racing other cyclists (and pros!) in the Tour de France, playing golf alongside Tiger Woods, and so on.

We are at the very beginning of this more immersive parallel playing — check out Expresso Fitness as well — and I’m watching closely.


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  2. Also check out the excellent Concept 2 indoor rower. I am a very satisfied owner, http://www.concept2.com