Big Move in China ETF Today

A big move today in the Powershares China ETF. It’s up 4%, and that comes after a strong 2006. Interestingly, of course, historically, there has been little relationship to investor ardor for China and the performance of Chinese stocks. Has that link somehow become renewed?


  1. Hate to be a naysayer, particularly when I am so bullish on China as a whole, but isn’t anyone worried about the incredible lack of transparency in China’s companies?

  2. Marc Faber one of the most respected money managers on wall street is saying that china is way ahead of itself. he’s expecting a ‘significant’ correction. he is also extremely bullish on China long term. also i found this article:
    which says that “Morgan Stanley and JP Morgan have both issued warnings against a developing bubble in Chinese financial stocks, urging investors to stop pursuing financial shares.”
    So no matter how bullish on the long term, there will be crashes along the way. best to just sit and wait for cheaper prices.