BBC Stats on Online TV

Some 10 per cent of television will be soon be watched via the internet rather than traditional broadcasts, according to the BBC.

Ashley Highfield, who is overseeing development of iPlayer, the BBC’s video-on-demand service, believes that the medium will take off by 2008, with the potential to attract an audience as large as that of a terrestrial television channel.

The average viewer spends 25 hours a week watching television, which means that video via the PC could account for two and a half hours a week. BBC2 and Channel 4 each attracted an average of just over two hours of viewing a week, according to the most recent figures available.

Next year will see the launch of both the BBC’s iPlayer and ITV’s video-on-demand service, hosted at Both will serve TV programmes via the internet to home computers, with a mix of new shows and archive material.

[via the Telegraph]