Apple’s iPhone Messing with Mobile Market

News this morning of the Apple mobile phone is going to mess with the mobile market. Among other things, it is worth watching how mobile competitors’ stocks perform on the news:


The gist of the Apple phone: It’s a large-screen touch phone (no physical keypad) with 8.0 GB of storage, no stylus, and running Mac OS X. It’s also quad-band GSM + EDGE phone, not 3G, but it does have WiFi.

The obvious immediate question will be battery life, of course, not to mention how many people will find a key-less phone something of a non-starter. How do you use such things by touch? Inquiring minds want to know. Looks like a June ship date and a $599 price, so this is definitely high-end stuff.

[Photo via Engadget]

[Update] Here is a live stock ticker of some companies moving:


  1. What? Those stocks are barely off today. And I challenge the notion that an ULTRA high end phone is going to mess with the entire mobile phone market. It may mess with the very high end but that’s not where the big bucks. The big bucks are in basic phones and basic services. However, I agree with you that the uber geeks who blog and Jobs fan boys, will make this phone into something akin to the second coming.

  2. What are you talking about? These stocks aren’t down. I’m sorry but touch screen is going to be a disaster.

  3. I’m no Apple fanboy, but I do think it’s an exciting product. However, I don’t believe it will sweep all before it in the signature phone/handheld market the way that iPod totally dominates the portable player market.
    Technically, it’s not just a phone, is it?
    This is, I think, the forward edge of the next movement in handhelds. Many more contenders will begin to emerge this year.

  4. Yeah, stocks are off, but I originally had wrong figures above. Hate how I can’t embed live quotes in a page. Nevertheless, correct now.
    Agreed that this high-end phone won’t transform mobile market. No question. Then again, will cause trouble for Palm, as its stock performance today suggests.

  5. Here’s one way to get quotes (delayed):
    Yahoo! FinanceQuote for NOK

  6. Battery use (claimed): 16 hours for music, 5 hours with multiple use.
    June release date (incl. 2 month FCC approval schedule)
    4G model: $499
    8G model: $599
    Both with 2 year contracts. Not mentioned is the monthly charge – its going to be up there since this dependent on data services. I assume around $80/month.
    A tad expensive that. The touch/wide screen is too cool – I think the stores will help people get a taste of the device and feel comfortable. I have to believe that this is a game changer.

  7. The most striking thing about the phone is how unApple it looks. It just doesn’t have the spit shine their other products have. I think at $500 and an $80/month service fee for 2 years that this is only for the fashionistas. Looks cool but that’s just too much. The other question is how well that touch screen works. I can see that being a big problem when you put it in your pocket or try to pick it up. And then there’s the dreaded “1% of a big number” argument that always makes me doubtful.

  8. All speculation at this point, since none of use can get our hands on one, but this is an enticing, if expensive, product.
    As mentioned above, its wrong to think of this device as just a phone; it’s the data-centric handheld functionality that is going to drive this thing. The number of Mac OS X developers is going to increase exponentially, which is the real wild card in this move. If this thing succeeds, it’ll be a game changer.

  9. Yoou might want to try this pic of the iPhone instead.

  10. No question it’s aimed at the high-end gadget geek, and won’t likely appeal to business-oriented BlackBerry users — in part because I don’t think they will take to the touch-screen keyboard — but it could put a dent in the attempts by RIM to move further into the consumer market.

  11. Looks very cool. VERY COOL if I might say it again, but the lack of 3G makes it a non-starter for me. Also, while the touch screen looks interesting, if it hampers speed at all, I agree with Mathew Ingram, business users are not going to use it.

  12. I own a MOTO Q and a MOTO RAZR; for me, the former is an EVDO modem and the latter a phone. I am willing to believe that the touch screen may work. New cool phones are always expensive. Stealing a page from Razr marketing may not be bad. Razr was expensive when it first came out. Now everyone has it. I expect the iphone to follow the same pattern provided it works.

  13. To address the concerns raised about the touchscreen, I was still with Sony when they started rolling out the 1st gen LCD touchpanels for their remote controls circa 1997 or so. The first production iteration had immense reliability, durability, and battery life issues. Bear in mind, that was a generation of product that is about to have it’s tenth anniversary. All of the initial issues with LCD touchscreen have been well ironed out.
    The points made about usability are valid. Some users adore touchscreens, many others dislike them. There is a strong cadre of users who “need” hard buttons.
    Lastly, we all know that pricing will evolve downwards as this new category takes off and develops.
    Great discussion everybody!

  14. 1) iphone = PDA + ipod + cellphone + 2 megapixel camera + mac OSX so lots of possible uses.
    + mobile video player
    ipods sell like hotcakes and this is way cooler.
    2) i’ve used a motorola ming for the last 6 months or so and a touch screen is amazing.
    3) having such a big screen makes it >>> other phones for video and general usage.
    I get multiple people (especially girls) asking about my touchscreen phone every single day. It’s a VERY big selling point.
    of course, i’m no expert on touch screens – i’m just making the jump that all the people who love my ming and its touchscreen will gravitate towards the iphone.

  15. As a girl myself, and someone who’s thus far resisted buying a Blackberry/Treo/etc. for work, I’m head-over-heels in love with the iPhone. somehow, the multi-touch screen seems far more attractive than those tiny blackberry buttons.
    when it’s out, I’ll definitely be buying one — and using it for business! I don’t see the price point as too high, it’s cheaper than most Palms were back in 1999. and those weren’t even email-enabled.

  16. I currently have a razr and so does my entire family (~5 of us), we’ll all be upgrading to that most likely. Its a nice consolidation of devices for us.

  17. Regarding blofeld’s comment about how un-apple the iPhone looks, it does appear that Apple is making a shift to a new ethos of design and styling. I wonder what this bodes for their desktops and laptops this year?

  18. I think the most interesting thing about iPhone is not the phone itself, but the unique relationship between Apple and Cingular. Nokia, Samsung and Motorola have to cripple their handsets to bring them to the U.S. market.
    Here, Apple is releasing a full-featured phone that essentially relegates Cingular to a dumb pipe. The star players at the announcement (aside from Apple and Jobs) were Yahoo! and Google.
    Some more thoughts here:

  19.   You’re calling this a high-end phone based on the price? Haven’t you noticed that Apple Inc. is manufacturing this phone? Isn’t that enough to explain the price?
    I’m not saying this isn’t a high-end product — I think the technical specs speak for themselves — but let’s not forget who’s selling it. The first generation will be absolutely riddled with bugs and hardware problems, and all models will be ridiculously over-priced.

  20. Markus Sorensson says:

    You just don’t get it. This product is going to set the standard for the future phones. 5 years from now *every* phone will try to look like it…

  21. Does anyone know what CPU will be able to pull all of the wonders that it promises?
    I don’t recall any info about the cpu on the phone, also the apple page doesn’t mention the cpu on the tech specs.

  22. Apple makes another great move. It’s definitely one of the “next gen” types of phones.

  23. Phrequensi says:

    Lets quit with this bearish, over calculative and convoluted reasons to question where this is going.
    This is Apple, Inc’s time.
    Clearly shown that they want it more than any other players in their market, with more successful iPods, MacBooks and iTunes Store sales this year, Apple, inc is unquestionably showing it’s one of the greatest tech company’s ever with another must have gadget for the masses. The iPhone.
    The iPhone is a hit. Regardless of who you think is going to buy it. It’s going to sell like crazy.
    The iPhone’s path is clearly going to be an extremely prosperous product for Apple, again.

  24. In response to jessemoya’s comment…’s a little out dated to suggest that just because it is a product from Apple, Inc. that it will be overpriced. If you truly do a feature to feature comparison of Apple’s current product lineup (Mac computers in particular), you can see that Apple hardware is not overpriced as it used to be back in the earlier PowerPC computer days. Don’t make an outdated assumption about this new product.
    Expensive? Well, sure. But what phone on the market is like it! Before passing judgment, please watch ALL of the keynote presentation available below:
    The question regarding this phone is….
    Do you have a need for everything this thing can do. Cause it does twice as much as what most people use phones for today.

  25. This phone has already turned upside down the way people think of phones. The side of things that you are forgetting is that it runs on osx. I am not sure if you realize that this instantly makes all the widgets and other programs available to users. Non of this palm os or windows mobile….for a developer this is king.
    They have really fixed a lot of problems. Did you see the way it handles phone messages?
    It will be interesting to see how they take over this market. It certainly puts other manufacturers
    on watch.

  26. Oh, I get it. I do.
    I’m still sticking to my guns that we’re leaving simple devices like phones, PDA’s and mp3 players behind, though.

  27. Larry Wilcken says:

    I’ve just read all the comments above and would point out that no one has actually had one in their hands and used it, but oh what strong opinions. Let us not forget that the proof of the pudding still lies in the eating, and that won’t happen for another six months?

  28. Ok… i realize no one uses cameras anymore, but has anyone noticed that the iphone has no camera?
    Also, I have a HTC 8125, and it can do everything the iphone can do aside from the iphone having more memory. I think that suggesting it is going to “set the standard” and is “ultra high tech” is going a little far.

  29. First off, the touch screen is great. And if any of you guys looked on the apple website, thees a sleep button on the top of the phone to turn it off, and then there is a touch slider that unlocks the phone, so the it doesnt go off when you pick it up or put it in your bag. Im totally erect about this phone. I love touch screen, matter of fact i like to touch stuff, which reminds me, I need to go get some lotion and a napkin. Over and out, Sgt. Spankster signing off!

  30. Roger Smith says:

    iPhone is available with Cingular ONLY!?
    And what if I am stuck under contract with a carrier OTHER
    than Cingular but still want a iPhone?
    Well, the only solution
    I could fine was
    they get you out of any cell phone contract!

  31. Roger Smith says:

    iPhone is available with Cingular ONLY!? And what if I am stuck under contract with a carrier OTHER than Cingular but still want a iPhone?
    Well, the only solution I could fine was – they get you out of any cell phone contract!