A Social Network for Employee Benefits

Jon Udell makes a great point and crystallizes something that has bugged me for some time:

Once in a blue moon I find myself sitting in a new employee
orientation. Today, as on other occasions, I was struck by how hard it
is for the benefits people to explain their offerings. The presentation
is necessarily general but everyone’s circumstances are particular.
There’s no good way to bridge that gap in a large group session.

My guess is that a lot of the folks who were in that session today
will, upon joining their teams tomorrow, ask for advice about various
health and investment options. But team members won’t necessarily be
the best sources of advice, because similar work circumstances don’t
map to similar life circumstances. What new employees really need is to
compare notes with other employees in similar life circumstances.

Benefits people and coworkers often won’t be in a position to meet that
need. But a social application that matched up employees in similar
life circumstances could be a great way to transfer highly particular
kinds of benefits knowledge.


  1. SelectMinds has a great Employee Onboarding Program that creates a social network for the onboarding process(including benefits communications) at companies.