The Passing of Peter Boyle

Sad news: Actor Peter Boyle is dead. While most people today know him from the show “Everyone Loves Raymond” (which I haven’t seen, pop culture troglodyte that I am), I remember him most fondly from his wonderful work in the classic Young Frankenstein.

I love many scenes in that great movie, but my outright favorite isn’t the campy dance he does with Gene Wilder. Instead, it is his great scene with a blind hermit named Harold (played by a near-unrecognizable Gene Hackman).


  1. You speak the truth. A classic movie, a classic scene and the way I’ll always remember him too. (Oh, and I had no idea that was Gene Hackman.)

  2. Paul, a great scene but if you haven’t watched Raymond then you have missed out on some of Peter’s best work. His dry delivery stole many of the episodes. He was great.
    No doubt there will be montages of his work over the next few days, so watch them if you can.
    “You’re a trophy wife…what kind of contest in hell did I win?”