The Isilon IPO and the Tech IPO Boom in 2007

The Isilon IPO’s performance last Friday has bankers and VCs buzzing. Best opening performance of a tech IPO since the bubble, billion-dollar market cap, 77% first-day gain, etc. etc. This will bring more heat to the IPO market in 2007 driving my IPO thesis even further.

Isilon Systems skyrocketed in its stock market debut Friday, with
shares rising 77 percent in the best opening performance for a
technology IPO in more than six years.

The Seattle digital storage company took off with a bang from the
moment it started trading, with an opening price of $25 per share. It
peaked at $27.45 — more than double the $13 offering price — before
settling down around $23 per share for most of the day. It closed at
$23.10, giving the money-losing company a market value of $1.4 billion.


  1. “giving the money-losing company a market value of $1.4 billion”
    Run away! Run away! IT’S A BUBBLE!!!

  2. Looking forward to Aruba!!

  3. Although I am glad to see the IPO return as a viable exit strategy, I believe that the reduction in SOX restrictions will be the real thrust behind the next technology stock market boom.