New Google Finance Coming Shortly

I’m hearing that a new iteration on Google Finance will come out today or tomorrow. Sure, many of you will be saying, “Whoa, Google Finance? I thought that had been canceled”, but you’re thinking of Google Answers. Different service, same crummy traffic though.

More seriously, I hope Google learns from its first version of the service. Merely juicing up a financial portal with Ajax is no way to get share in an established market where speed of access and timeliness of information are they keys. If Google really wants to get presence against the moribund Yahoo Finance it needs to offer a premium service for free, like it did with Google Mail. Give us free realtime quotes, or equivalent, and then watch the traffic explode.


  1. Give us free realtime quotes, or equivalent, and then watch the traffic explode
    Why? What will we do with free realtime quotes? The difference between realtime and 15-minutes delay is important if you’re actually trading. But if you’re actually trading you’re on your broker’s site and already have realtime there; and if you’re trading you need more than just a realtime mid price anyway, you need the spread and the order book and things that command premium license fees because exchanges price these on the assumption that the buyers are institutions.
    Free realtime prices on consumer web sites sound like a great leap forward – and will satisfy the hardcore geek dogma that flows from the partial quotation “information wants to be free” – but in terms of actual utility I can’t see it as much more than a marketing gimmick.
    For me, Google’s great innovation in the stock quotes space is the search by company name feature – it’s the only finance site (I know of) that lets you find a quote by typing in the company name rather than going through the process of searching through look-up tables for ticker symbols. Now, ticker symbols are no big deal for you or me cos we’re used to them: but for the next generation of investors, the digital natives who use search for everything and I’ve always assumed Google is aiming Google Finance at, look-up tables are like a return to the dark ages.