My IPO Resurgence Thesis Looks Like a Lock

As I have written here many times, we are in the middle of a a largely unremarked IPO resurgence, and 2007 will be the best tech IPO market since the bubble burst. You can really see the IPO market kicking into gear in the latest figures comparing pre- and post-Labor Day IPO performance:

  Pre-Labor Day    Post-Labor Day
Up IPOs 50    57
Down IPOs 33    14
Average Gain 4.32%    29.3%
Nasdaq Composite 0.55%    11.1%

Remarkable stuff. [via IPO Scoop]

As an aside, I’m curious what the correlation is between the Nasdaq Composite and the IPO market. If, say, the index is up 5% in the preceding quarter, should you be an IPO buyer until the gains subside?

And one more thing. The hottest recent IPO has been Heely’s, the roller shoe thingie. Here’s a fascinating chart from Hitwise on searchers’ interest in the thing:


  1. Well, not wholly unremarked…I did write in February that this was going to be the best year since the bubble burst (See How the IPO Market got its buzz back at and tried to follow up on our blog…