Kleiner Perkins, the Patron Saints of Next Big Things

You have to give KP partners credit, especially John Doerr: They never see a Next Big Thing that isn’t waaay bigger than the Last Big Thing. Some cases in point:

The Internet:
John Doerr (1997-2000): “The Internet is the largest legal creation of wealth in the history of the planet.”

John Doerr (2005): “[The cell phone boom will be] ultimately be more important and will likely offer a larger wave of investment opportunity than the personal computer.”

Ray Lane (2006): “This is bigger than the Internet, I think by an order of magnitude. Maybe two. I’m taking the entire energy industry.”

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  1. Sean Ness says:

    On Churchill Club panels as late as 2003, he was still making the same Internet comment.

  2. Will Ray says:

    Dude, stop it already!
    John Doerr said this about Palm, “This is how your going to reach a billion Chinese.” ooops
    The Bigger than the Internet comment is misapplied, that hasn’t been revealed by technologist yet. I actually know who said that first and what it references.

  3. jj says:

    Regarding the cell phone boom/potential – does it occur to anyone out there that the cell phone is evolving into a miniaturized version of a laptop computer? If so, then the cell phone (crammed with features) is taking market share from PCs/laptops (and we know how big the PC industry grew) – it’s that simple (it’s not nuclear physics).

  4. jj: convergence, convergence, convergence. It’s just a matter of time.