Kleiner Perkins, the Patron Saints of Next Big Things

You have to give KP partners credit, especially John Doerr: They never see a Next Big Thing that isn’t waaay bigger than the Last Big Thing. Some cases in point:

The Internet:
John Doerr (1997-2000): “The Internet is the largest legal creation of wealth in the history of the planet.”

John Doerr (2005): “[The cell phone boom will be] ultimately be more important and will likely offer a larger wave of investment opportunity than the personal computer.”

Ray Lane (2006): “This is bigger than the Internet, I think by an order of magnitude. Maybe two. I’m taking the entire energy industry.”


  1. On Churchill Club panels as late as 2003, he was still making the same Internet comment.

  2. Dude, stop it already!
    John Doerr said this about Palm, “This is how your going to reach a billion Chinese.” ooops
    The Bigger than the Internet comment is misapplied, that hasn’t been revealed by technologist yet. I actually know who said that first and what it references.

  3. Regarding the cell phone boom/potential – does it occur to anyone out there that the cell phone is evolving into a miniaturized version of a laptop computer? If so, then the cell phone (crammed with features) is taking market share from PCs/laptops (and we know how big the PC industry grew) – it’s that simple (it’s not nuclear physics).

  4. jj: convergence, convergence, convergence. It’s just a matter of time.