Is Blackberry Now a Consumer Device?

Impressive numbers from Research in Motion tonight — it came in at the high end of earnings and subscribers range — but the factoid that caught me was this one:

[RIMM’s] Pearl apparently did its job, [Chairman Jim Balsillie] added. Consumers now account for two million of RIM’s total of seven
million subscribers … 


  1. Paul,
    At least in the UK, the BlackBerry Pearl is a consumer device, as is the Nokia E61 and some of the carrier own brand HTC phones. This will give RIM hardware sales but don’t expect the server software side of the business to do well: consumers get along fine with POP3 or IMAP4.
    Email is a killer app of its own, however more advanced usage like video or TV is discouraged because data charges have yet to keep up with technological developments.

  2. Geesh man, 6500 inbound links to your website and a PR of 7. Nice going.
    I have a blackberry. I bought it because of the ability to stay in contact with business associates and friends while working abroad.
    Well – I traveled to Europe and Africa this past fall and my service provider, namely Telus, does not provide service or have partners anywhere in Europe or Africa.
    While my friends were text msging home, I was without contact.
    when I got back to Europe to visit my sister in Austria, I contacted Telus about this. Their solution was to Rent a phone when abroad to stay in touch and they provided the contact info of someone to rent from.
    This is not a solution for my blackberry. At this point, I believe I’m going to either let my account with Telus drop, or I’m going to get a better blackberry from a US provider that will work in Canada and abroad for when I travel.
    Telus sucks – but that’s not news, is it?

  3. Does look like it has done the stock any favors. Down 2.8% today. Probably the most egregiously overpriced stock out there.