Hot and Not Web 2.0 Companies

The folks at Alexaholic have updated their traffic stats on “Seth’s List” of Web 2.0-ish companies. Yes, Alexa data is suspect, but that doesn’t mean trends aren’t interesting.
Here are some of the biggest advancers over the last six months:

  • Imeem
  • Crazyegg
  • Clipmarks
  • Stickam
  • Clipshack
  • Panoramio
  • Videoegg
  • Songbirdnest
  • Quintura
  • Coverpop
  • Notlong
  • Thebeststuffintheworld
  • Voonoo
  • Yoono
  • Adaptiveblue
  • Omgili
  • Megite
  • Hotpads
  • Kaneva
  • Yorz

Here are some of the biggest decliners over the last six months:

  • Textamerica
  • Qoop
  • Peerflix
  • Crisscross
  • Gliffy
  • Airset
  • Krugle
  • Pubsub
  • Homethinking
  • Zohowriter
  • Sexbyrss
  • Zoomclouds
  • Picturecloud
  • Yellowikis

In other list-related news, it is interesting to see the continuing rise of Wikipedia. It is hard not to imagine it becoming the two most-trafficked site on the list within the year.

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  1. Matt says:

    Still no WordPress anywhere, darn.

  2. Hey Matt — I wouldn’t take it personally. I’m sure that WordPress project of yours will work out okay anyway ;-)

  3. Brian Dear says:

    “Yes, Alexa data is suspect, but that doesn’t mean trends aren’t interesting.”
    No, no, no, no, no. Not anymore. It’s not just the data. The TRENDS are suspect with Alexa.
    Don’t go there. Don’t believe what you see. To find Alexa’s “trends” interesting is dangerous, because of the rampant randomness of their data.