Google Patent Search Launched

Hey, when did Google launch Google Patents? Just noticed it tonight, and it’s very nice.

Being the vain fellow that I am, I immediately, of course, searched for myself, with predictably unusual results.

Too bad you can’t straightforwardly subscribe to patent search results via RSS — I want to keep track of, say, Google patent filings — but you can, I’m assuming subscribe via the Google API.


  1. I hadn’t seen that either, thanks for the post!
    I would feel uncomfortable researching a patent idea using Google — do they even have a stated retention policy? I wouldn’t want anybody reaching the USPTO first (although I suppose that would be “evil”).
    As for perusing and general research, it looks good.
    Thanks again,

  2. That is pretty damn cool.

  3. Thanks Paul. It looks clean. Makes it easier to search for things than the USPTO own database. Now, after reading the first commenter’s comment, it does make me think that afterall Google does keep track of what people search for, may be they will mine that data soon. (ah, that “evil” thing is as defined by Google right?)