Former VCs Discover Entrepreneurship is Hard Work, and VCs are Assholes

Funny article in the SJ Merc about VCs turned entrepreneurs newly discovering that a) startups are hard work, and b) many VCs are clueless assholes. Nothing like being whacked in the head by reality to learn things that the rest of the startup world knew a long time ago.

“I had no idea of the number of details that I’d have to deal with every day,” said Doug Valenti, a former venture capitalist with Rosewood Capital in San Francisco who founded seven-year-old QuinStreet, an online marketing company. “From what kinds of chairs do you order to how do you get the rooms wired to how do you ensure your compensation plan is comparable to other companies, it’s an endless list.”

[via Guy]


  1. Yes, VCs are assholes. I can personally attest to that fact.

  2. VC’s are hardly the only “assholes” when an entrepreneur; banks, board-members, partners, local governments, can all prove as much a headache.
    Granted it is very easy, if not natural, to fall on either side of the spectrum. While few Entrepreuneurs plan/start-up with what VC’s/backers might need in mind, VC’s can come with their own set of disparate perspectives/indifferences.
    Speaking as a mere 23 year old with bulge bracket internships, a catering franchise start-up and now working as an Technology Corporate Finance Advisor, it has been my experience that 1. Easy come easy go, be it with money, success or even dare I say it, general contentment 2. As when choosing a partner, when one is ready and familiar enough with enough of the dynamics and variables of the game as much as with oneself, its simply a matter of choosing what one wants and enjoying the ever-ending cycle of hard work, confusion, risk taking and above all choice/desire to be involved in the game itself.