Apple Nutters and the iPhone

Is there anything more simultaneously amusing and sad than Apple nutters in full froth about an impending Apple product release? Yes-yes, Apple is apparently set to release some information on their iPhone, and that’s great. The world desperately needs more phone makers, especially ones with interfaces guaranteed to crash legions of cars in traffic.

Somewhat more seriously, I have no idea why Apple spends any money on advertising or promotion. They have legions of unpaid advocates (online and offline) who do it far more effectively and inexpensively than they could ever manage.


  1. I believe that the iPhone is actually going to be a Linksys non-acc-playing voip phone. Gizmodo has some funny commentary on it:

  2. Apple needs the marketing $ to sell actual products. Its sort of funny how Apple get slammed for all the rumors (mostly false) that company had no part in starting. The answer obviously lies with the economics of web traffic.

  3. I’d venture a guess that (some of) that marketing and ad money creates (some of) those evangelists. “Full froth”? Silohuetted-dancer-indy-music-rockin’ propaganda sustains that degree of worship — that devotion disproportionate to the quality of the products. The marketed and advertised myth is part of the experience.