Yi-Tan: Fun with Open Phones

Coming up on Monday a fun Yi-Tan, especially considering the CRTC overruling on VOIP yesterday:

Until recently, there hasn’t really been an open phone. Now a few offers are on the way, including Trolltech’s Greenphone and First International Computing’s Neo1973.

What, exactly, would one do with an open phone? Glad you asked.

With open phone system expert Dean Collins and a few friends, let’s discuss:

* What opportunities do open phones open?
* How will open phones make it to market if carriers don’t favor openness? Is VoIP the path?
* When will these offers actually be available? Will they succeed?

As always, an IRC Chat will be available during the call, here.

Date: Monday, November 20, 2006
Time: 10:30 PDT, 1:30 EST
Primary Dial-in Number: 1-800-615-2900 (Toll Free in USA and Canada)
1-661-705-2005 (for callers outside the USA and Canada)
Participant Access Code: 778778


  1. Wow, this maneuver by the Tory government is a step backward for a free infocom market.
    If Joe Canuck gets exposed to the implications of this meddling the way they were spoonfed by the media on the Income Trust issue, the Tories will definetely have fumbled the next election.
    I’ll rant about this on my own blog when I have more time tonight.