Where is the Google of Call Logs?

Why is there no Google-equivalent (admittedly a local thingie) for search my call logs on my cellphone? I constantly find myself trying to call back people who called me, and the only thing I can typically remember is that it was sometime last week, and that it was from the 212 area code. But there is no way to search the data.

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  1. Jon H says:

    Ask the NSA, they probably have a search engine for that.

  2. Paul Jardine says:

    Call HP, I believe they have some good contacts in this area!

  3. none says:

    The blackberry 7100 has it.

  4. madsh says:

    Did you ever try to install Google Desktop? It will give you a “browse timeline” function that does exactly what you are asking for…
    I know it sounds stupid… but next time try google google on their features…

  5. Mike O'Connor says:

    Google desktop on a phone? Is there a new version of GD that runs on a palm?

  6. Good luck getting the telcos to release that data. In my previous job I wanted to have a feature where if you pulled up a contact in the address book it would automatically list recent calls, faxes, emails to/from that person.
    With Sprint I can download PDFs of the bill with call history. I can then use GDS to search that. Of course, that doesn’t help in the use case above.