Where is the Google of Call Logs?

Why is there no Google-equivalent (admittedly a local thingie) for search my call logs on my cellphone? I constantly find myself trying to call back people who called me, and the only thing I can typically remember is that it was sometime last week, and that it was from the 212 area code. But there is no way to search the data.


  1. Ask the NSA, they probably have a search engine for that.

  2. Call HP, I believe they have some good contacts in this area!

  3. The blackberry 7100 has it.

  4. Did you ever try to install Google Desktop? It will give you a “browse timeline” function that does exactly what you are asking for…
    I know it sounds stupid… but next time try google google on their features…

  5. Mike O'Connor says:

    Google desktop on a phone? Is there a new version of GD that runs on a palm?

  6. Good luck getting the telcos to release that data. In my previous job I wanted to have a feature where if you pulled up a contact in the address book it would automatically list recent calls, faxes, emails to/from that person.
    With Sprint I can download PDFs of the bill with call history. I can then use GDS to search that. Of course, that doesn’t help in the use case above.