Update: No Digital Pictures, Please. We’re Canadian.

I’ve haven’t abandoned my gripe about having my laptop searched by Canada Customs officials when cross the Canada-U.S. border a month ago. I was interviewed about it last week by CBC radio in Canada, and the story ran this morning.

I argued, among other things, that including Windows cache folders in a laptop image search turns computer users into unwitting e-mules.


  1. Based on your original post, Paul, I removed all images of my son from my PowerBook before I crossed through Customs, just in case. All of the sports, birthday and holiday photos were burned to separate media. My laptop wasn’t searched that time, thankfully. I hate to think there this kind of Customs search is going.

  2. Franklin Stubbs says:

    More evidence that bureaucrats are idiots.
    If you really, really wanted to bring illegal images into Canada, couldn’t you put them on a portable flash drive and, um, put that flash drive somewhere hard to search on your person? (Use your imagination… or don’t.)
    Too bad the government can’t be sued for stupidity in a court of law.