The Upside of Moore’s Law Breaking

While many people are bemoaning the breakage of Moore’s Law — CPUs are no longer doubling performance every eighteen months — there is an upside. Improvements in batter technology — energy density in lithium ion has increased by 20-30% since 2004 — are finally going straight to battery life, rather than being soaked up by power-hungry higher-clockcycle CPUs.

The upshot: A typical laptop battery can now provide 4-5 hours of life, up from 3 hours in 2004.

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  1. smartass says:

    That’s excellent news about improvements in batter technology. I mean the state of pancakes has gone no where in the last 50 years. The Chinese are going to be light years ahead before we know it.

  2. billo says:

    Maybe software bloat will start to slow down too? HA HA! Right.