No Surprises in Top Teen Tech List

According to the Consumer Electronics Association, here are the top five gadget gifts teens are looking for this year for Christmas:

  1. MP3 player
  2. Gaming system
  3. Portable gaming device
  4. Computers
  5. Cell phones

What I find most remarkable about this list is its sheer unremarkability. For all the supposed inscrutability of teen consumers, if your average 50-year-old parent had been asked to put together a list of what they thought the average teenager wanted, I bet that most would have come up with something very close to this list.


  1. i think we need to look to the far east (south korea, japan, hong kong) if we’re looking for predictions to the latest trends.
    the north american youth culture is too focused on the notion of fitting in whereas the asian youth culture is focused on individuality – so the kids aren’t scared to like something for fear of being labelled a freak.

  2. Pertinent to that list is the fact that phone and email is passe amongst youth, and text message is curently the favored mode of communication. Plus, phones are well saturated into the market, hence phone makers are blurring the lines between handheld categories, offering mp3 storage, and wireless video content.
    In fact, while video content sales via iTunes is still relatively minor, I expect that all-in-wonder, fully integrated handhelds with large-ish screens, video, gaming, and wireless internet will likely grow in popularity as the concept matures.

  3. Hmm… so does it make me hip and cool or just immature that I too wouldn’t mind having any of these things for Christmas?