More Staggering Stats on Stock Spam

I’ve written recently on the staggering increase in online spam, driven, in part, by Russian bot-nets doing micro-cap stock flogging, but seeing the numbers directly is stark stuff. According to Postini, unwanted email is now 91% of all email traffic, and over the past twelve months the daily volume of spam has risen more than 120% — and it was up 59% between September and the current month.

Here is the increase in graphical form from Postini’s StatTrack:


  1. I wonder what would happen if for 30 days one automatically shorted every stock one was spammed about.

  2. Hey Rob — Funny you should ask. Various folks have been tracking stock spam performance, including this one

  3. 1. Such pump-and-dump spamming gummed up my own mail server (and my time) for the better part of Monday: (linked above)
    2. I’d also considered shorting and the like, but I think the basic problem is that they’re mostly .PK’s (pink sheets) and thus not available for such methods. (Forgive me if I’m too naive in this area.)
    3. Your graphic gave me a brief chuckle with the accidental sentence termination, giving the unintended meaning that spamming leads to human loss.

  4. I particularly like the fact that the google adsense bar decided that it would be in your readers best interest to find more micro-cap stocks from investment “experts” who beat the market, wait for it, every year, wow.

  5. Interesting article that made me think of the above thread:
    I’d never actually considered the possibility that some of the stocks promoted by the pump-and-dumpers are actually legit.