Mobile Porn and Dangerous Lads in Pubs

Okay, I have long argued that mobile porn is going to grow dramatically over the next few years — a new report says it will grow from $1.4-billion to $3.3-billion by 2011 — but I want to know who these “lad” people are referred to in the report:

I think the biggest opportunity is at the casual and “softer” end of
the adult market – lads in pubs sharing a video clip after a few pints
and people looking for a bit of fun when they have spare time to kill
etc – not the hard core stuff.

What sort of guys sit around in a pub and drink beer and show each other porn on their phones? And how do I avoid such people?


  1. So I guess the drink after work is off Paul?

  2. Same guys that send out pictures and video clips of porn to each other via email. And when better than after having had a few drinks.
    My guess though is that it won’t be the “soft” stuff that will be shared. It will be the freaky, “OMG look at that!” kind of things.

  3. San Diego is chock full of porn and mobile, so I’ve had a chance to run into some of the mobile porn companies. The carriers are still keeping the vast majority of the “OMG” content away but they are pushing softcore pretty openly now.
    O2 in the UK has a special “6900” channel for adult, as does Voda. Here in the US, Verizon claims to not deal in adult, but if you search their “VZW Search” application for porn it convieniently returns all their bikini content. Cingular may not know it(read: admit it), but they even have hardcore adult available through their partnership with Bango.
    There is at least one local company doing that type of stuff, (who are friends of mine).
    I’m still skeptical of the 1.4 billion number though.

  4. Rob Shearer says:

    The “pub” reference (as well as usage of the term “lad”) should make it obvious: these people are in the UK. And my experience is that this is entirely accurate: while the more up-market crowd hangs around in coffee shops with wi-fi (although seldom with a laptop), a whole different group spends a huge amount of time in pubs with their mates and phones. This is the same culture that made SMS messages so incredibly lucrative in the UK although it’s still just catching in the US. Walk into any pub and you’ll find a half dozen men between 18 29 staring at their phones texting friends, who are presumably sitting in other pubs doing the same. After a few beers it’s hard to imagine sales resistance to low-res porn remaining terribly high…