Java-based Gmail Mobile: Well Yeah, But ….

I more or less live in Google’s Gmail service, so I’m delighted to see that Google engineers have juiced up the mobile version with a Java applet. But here is the problem: Said applet doesn’t get recognized on my phone, for reasons that require me to descend into geekspeak, which I will do, apologetically, in the following paragraph.,

I apparently need a JVM to run the applet, as there is not one installed on my device. And the JVM that is available for a Treo 700p (my phone thingie) is the Websphere JVM for IBM. The trouble is, it’s a pain to install; sorta implies in the docs that it doesn’t support the 700p; and even once installed (okay, I think I have it installed) still cheerfully ignores the now-downloaded Gmail Java add-in.

Anyone out there wise in the ways of Treo JVMs want to set me straight, or am I in one of those “can’t get there from here” traps?

[Update] Okay, I got the darn thing to work. This was not for the technically faint of heart.

[Update2] Having now played with it a little, I’m not convined it’s materially better than the old Gmail mobile interface. They have changed the hotkeys, which is irritating, and some obvious things are not doable via hotkeys, like sending messages. Anyone have other views?


  1. Hey Paul,
    This is *probably* possible, but is noted as a complete PITA:
    The Flurry guys live & breathe JVMs on mobile handsets, and for them to say “sorry…” is akin to saying “don’t try this at home folks” (on the Treo).
    I have Flurry installed on my Razr (it replaced my Treo about three weeks ago), and the whole proceess took about five minutes, including the automatic download & installation of the JVM.

  2. Just one of the many benefits of using a Blackberry. Google seems to produce special versions of their mobile apps just for the BB: Gmail, Gtalk, Gmaps, etc.

  3. move to blackberry 8700 it works great there

  4. I am currently in the painful process of trying to get this to work too, however for the 650 will report back…

  5. “[Update] Okay, I got the darn thing to work. This was not for the technically faint of heart.”
    Cool. Post a summary of the steps – a mini-howto if you will.

  6. Well, it went like this:
    1) Went to
    2) Downloaded the Webshere JVM for the Treo 650 (not the 700).
    3) Unzipped the file, and then transferred both J9JavaVMMidp20.prc and JavaVMCheck_enUS.prc to my Treo 700p via Bluetooth.
    4) Ran both, and then rebooted my Treo by yanking the battery.
    5) Went to and downloaded the Java applet for Gmail.
    6) Told Treo, when asked, to Save & Open the software.
    7) Started up Gmail from an icon, and it worked.

  7. I was eager to try it, but apparently the UTStarcom smartphone I have isn’t supported, alas.

  8. I had a problem with my V800 I got a “certificate not valid” error. I am using Movamail for 3 month and I never had problems. Should I use Gmail mobile?