Google Traffic to Trump Yahoo’s by Late 2007

Citi analyst Mark Mahaney posits that at its current growth rate Google will be the top trafficked site on the Net by late 2007. By then Google, in #4 position with 110-million monthly uniques across all properties, will have passed the slow-growing Yahoo, the current leader with 130-million monthly uniques.

Is there any clearer condemnation of CEO Terry Semel’s strategy? His content-first mantra was a weak alibi for no-growth in search share, and it’s a downright non-starter when he loses the top traffic spot to Google’s “What Me No Content” family of sites/services.


  1. This feels like faulty analysis.
    I spend no more than 5 minutes a day on Google (searches from the toolbar only), and hours on Yahoo (email, finance, news). Google’s simple interface is great for searches, but kind of sucks for everything else.
    For the moment Google monetizes my visit better, but there is absolutely no stickiness to their service. I switched to Google after using it for the first time back in 1998-99, it was that much better than anything else. Google still feels marginally better than the competition, but they are one good idea away from loosing me as a visitor. On the other hand, I have my address book, stock portfolio, and custom news searches linked to Yahoo. I feel that Yahoo has a better chance of making money off me in the long run, they just have to figure out how.

  2. I agree with Boyan that this does seem a bit faulty.
    Google has upset many people with the closure of Google Answers.
    Save Google Answers by signing the letter to Google–
    Watch the video–

    Many people are wondering what service– Gmail, etc.– that Google will close next.