Free Business Idea of the Day: A SMS-Based Budgetbot

Here is my free business idea of the day. It would be straightforward to take Lifehacker’s AIM BudgetBot and turn it into a more robust paid (or ad-supported) service for SMS-based budgeting and expense tracking. I hacked it myself into something I use, but it should be broader service.

So, why this approach? Well, because the trouble with expense tracking is a) that it needs to occur at point-of-expense, which implies mobile device, but b) you don’t want it tied to any particular mobile device (because what happens if you change?). The Budgetbot approach solves both problems.

So … one, two, three — go.


  1. I provide a very simple service which easily manages the way you manage your money, using SMS in Bangalore. Though I am not using BudgetBot, the concept remains similar.
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  2. Broad use would probably be easier to obtain through a GUI…? Flash Lite seems interesting (for its “mobile footprint“), although the Opera Platform might be a promising avenue (it transforms AJAX apps into mobile app – Nokia Series 60 for now, Windows SmartPhone and presumably other devices will be later supported).

  3. i ve personally tried it out…. thanks activ for helping me manage my money better :)