Forget Crude Oil Prices. How About HP Black Ink #45?

From a post at Gizmodo, the price per mL of various fluids — with crude oil at the bottom, and HP black ink #45 for printer cartridges waaaaay out in front:


  1. 1986 Chateau Mouton Rothschild: $0.79/ml
    1929 Richeourg DRC: $10.24/ml

  2. I wrote a blog called Eau de HP last year – BusinessWeek had a graphic which showed per ounce HP ink was more expensive than Chanel no. 5 and Dom Perignon 1990…

  3. priceperpound says:

    I have heard of a somewhat similar analysis comparing the price per ounze one pays for popcorn (without the butter) at a movie theatre being higher than the price of an ounze of gold

  4. God, that’s beautiful.
    (as a side note, I’m pretty sure if my car took Red Bull it’d get about 1000 mpg.)

  5. So, the new slogan must be

  6. I liked that chart. It really puts some perspective on the outrageous price of ink! :) Now, I would be interested in seeing a similar chart that puts some perspective on the consumption of those items!