For Jumbo-Jet Junkies Only

The sole North America stop for Airbus’s A380 super-jumbo jet as its does its marketing test flight around the world will come this Wednesday in Vancouver, BC. For those of you in the neighborhood, watch for the A380 to come in from the west the morning of November 29th, and then depart later the same day.

Here is Wikipedia on the A380. All I can imagine, to be honest, is how long it takes to board the 550-seating thing, and how awful it would be to get caught behind one in the Customs hall of your choice.


  1. Single aisle 737s often unload slower than twin aisle 767s. Wisdom of crowds who choose the aisle moving quicker. No reason why with 4 aisles (two on top level) and 2 jetways A380 should be that bad. Now Immigration lines another matter – but if they know a 380 is coming should not INS and Customs have sufficient warning to open up a few more lines