CNBC to Start Webcasting Live

My friends at CNBC are making major changes to their web presence for a December 4th relaunch. In addition to bringing on more journalistic talent, the business network is apparently set to introduce live and on-demand streaming (see a demo here) of its network television content. There is no word on pricing for the new service, and Bloomberg TV has been live and free on the web for some time, but this is still big stuff.

[obDisclosure: I am a frequent on-air guest on CNBC, so I’m hoping that webcasted content will let people outside of trading rooms and airport waiting lounges see me.]


  1. Not so sure about the pay for subscription model here…why not just build the service around their core competency for revenue generation (i.e. advertisements)?
    I for one won’t be going through the ‘hassle’ of signing up for yet another service (see Paul’s ‘people are lazy’ posts), but I would almost certainly be willing to sit through a 10 second advertisement for Viagra (or, you know, whatever…) in order to watch some first rate content. Bloomberg TV must be smiling.