Where is Bill Gates? I Have Complaints.

Ah, the things you hear when sitting at the reception in major companies. The following was overheard at Microsoft reception recently by Dare Obasanjo as he was leaving a meeting with Bill Gates:

Visitor: Where is Bill Gates’s office?
Receptionist: I’m not at liberty to divulge that information.
Visitor: I need to see him, I just downloaded Windows Vista and I have a number of complaints.


  1. In the late ’80s I worked for a market data service–Quotron–which ran their own software on their own hardware. Citibank bought it and allmost mismanaged it out of existence. Many of the customers told me that they called John Reed to complain about the service under bank management. Since the customers I dealt with were for the most part traders and often had large accounts with Citibank I believed them.