Three Guesses What Drives WashPost Traffic

I’ll give you three guesses what drives the most Washington Post online traffic:

  1. Great stories? Maybe, but only indirectly.
  2. Google? Lots of traffic, but not number one.
  3. Matt Drudge? You got it. Drudge, according to Washington Post editor Len Downie, is the traffic supremo at the Post:

“Blogs are not competitors and not problems. Instead we have a very interesting symbiotic relationship. Our largest driver of traffic is Matt Drudge.”

Maybe it’s just me, but assuming Downie is correct, I find that stat fascinating.


  1. I think Downie might have meant that among bloggers Drudge is the leading traffic source. Looking at comscore traffic data, Google drives 28x the traffic that Drudge does to

  2. Ah, now that makes more sense.

  3. Evidence again of Drudge being simply a spinner for the neocons – writes
    yes Drude, it’s nuclear – Russia confirmed today….
    “Living by your limitless JOY is the greatest form of defiance – living by limited fear is the greatest
    form of compliance. Point your rebellion in the right direction.”