The Web is Your Programming Content

I couldn’t agree more with this sentiment: It is an embarassment that so many content owners make it so difficult for other sites to embed their content, complete with ads and attribution, of course.

It is the main reason I use Google Video and YouTube even when the content is available elsewhere: The latter two sites have embeddable Flash video players, and most content owners do not.

The web is your programming content. The sooner content owners figures that out, the sooner they’ll be on a more level playing field with YouTube and its embeddable ilk. And the sooner they’ll be getting more commensurately more income from their languishing content snippets.


  1. Yes, web content should not only be used for browsing, but also for manipulating.

  2. alexander says:

    Have you noticed that the feeds at include callouts for the original source, author, pertinent link, and perma-link in _every_ story? It makes jumping from the headline to the actual story source very easy in Google Reader.
    I think that if more (read: all) sites followed that style of linking there would be less resistance to remixing by content creators.