The GooTube Rumor Thing

Mike has up a rumor on Google buying YouTube, and it has started the usual buzzing. So, how likely is it that Google buys YouTube to create, you know, GooTube? It’s at least conceivable, ’cause as I’ve written here various times, skepticism about YouTube’s ability to drive revenues via ads is vastly overdone.

The preceding said, the blogosphere has predicted nine of the last three Google acquisitions, so skepticism is highly warranted. More specifically, Mike, what do you mean by “I’d put this at 40% likely to be at least partially true”? I get the 40% part, but 40% likely of being partially true? Is Google just buying You, or maybe Tube? A partial acquisition just doesn’t make sense to me.

[Update] The WSJ confirms that discussions are going.


  1. No idea how true the rumor is, but it’s the lead story on right now. Of course, their citation is TechCrunch, so there you are…

  2. Simon Cast says:

    Perhaps a partnership?

  3. If I understood it correctly the partial is about the purchase itself and he has doubt about the final price.

  4. Could be a similar tide-up as with AOL, or like MSFT tideup with Facebook as the exclusive ad partner.

  5. No way…. you guys have it all backwards.
    Youtube is buying Google!