The Golf Channel and Focused Blogs

Maybe it’s just me, but I was fascinated by an L.A. Times article yesterday on the Golf Channel’s financial success. Its approached reminded me, in focusing so intently on a single narrow topic, of some of the best blogs, sites that own a single issue the way a traditional media outlet never could.

The Golf Channel now reaches 70 million U.S. homes, or about 20 million
fewer than sports giant ESPN. Its revenue from advertising and cable
operator fees hit $101 million in 2005, making it the biggest
single-sport cable channel, according to Kagan Research LLC. That
dwarfs such rivals as Speed Channel and Tennis Channel, but noticeably
lags ESPN ($966.5 million in revenue) and traditional broadcast networks.

Media analysts estimate the value of the channel, now owned by Comcast Corp., at about $1 billion.


  1. I’m curious — what blogs do you regard as owning an issue?