Teens on Technology Usage

Good Guy Kawasaki “young adult” panel here on technology usage. Some particularly useful comments:

  • Most didn’t use email or cameras
  • They have no idea about phone brands
  • Some panelists sent as many as 4,000 (!!) messages a month
  • They never print photos
  • Online video is replacing TV

Fascinating stuff.


  1. Very interesting. Boy is Guy an annoying person. His incessant bad jokes and awkwardly worded questions are stifling.

  2. I never understand why people are so surprised that kids send 4000+ text messages a month. How many emails do you send or read a month? Now multiply that by some factor since text messages are only snippets of emails. Now assume you aren’t sitting at your desk all day or don’t have a laptop with constant wireless connection. Wouldn’t you adapt and use your cell phone to text message? Kids aren’t different from adults they just don’t have the money nor do they sit at desks all day doing a job. They’re at soccer practice, and listening to lectures, and hanging out after school.

  3. Texting is huge in India. 4000 was normal for me in a month, when i was there. Yahoo text chatting, FM Radio polls, fwds, bank alerts to Indian Idol polling, everything is on text in India. Used to be online on Yahoo 24/7 because of this. Carriers in US are charging too much for something which they could give of for free and make money from service providers.

  4. On one level it was a good idea. But on another I just cringe at how this guy worded his questions. They were often very leading and he made fun of some of the participants (not done viciously but we are dealing with image conscious students). He also didn’t probe inconsistencies very well. Do these people game or not? Two said yes but more than two had consoles. Are they embarassed to say they game?
    And he didn’t probe into how these kids receive advertising. They acted like they were immune but we all act that way. He should have gone at it from a different approach.
    This is why surveys and focus groups should never be done lightly.

  5. True that Guy could have done the panel differently to get different results and the “conclusions” are less than statistical. But I still learned a lot from Guy when he first posted this video in his blog.