Real Estate Price/Map Mashup

The fine folks at Altos Research are very creative in their use of real estate data. The latest example? A live mashup of regional real estate prices overlayed on a Google Map. Nifty stuff, and a useful way of scanning the data.

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  1. AdamD says:

    It would be cool if their markers gave some idea of what the graph would look like. Even something as simple as “U” for up, “D” for down, and “S” for steady.

  2. This seems like a late comer to the mashups. – now with “heat maps”! – which I think is now part of Yahoo.

  3. Yeah, but I think Altos is looking at it slightly differently. This is real time data, and it shows trends. It’s also just an adjunct to their core business of service real estate people with realtime market data.